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I'm nur aida . I'm a pretty but i'm not too arrogant I am different from the others. I did not choose, hater's is not my problem, it's a stupid person problems. please be yourself , to a people who a shallow minded can you go away. I'm not perfect in this world but I can only do what I can. I do not make friends with people who like to stab me from behind. That all about me. Thank you readers! ! ! (Y)

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my dream :)
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | 2:52 AM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
heyuupp ! 
halloo guys ;) new story merry ^^
hehe okey now aku nk bukak story bout dress !
hehe okey korang thu tak aku suke pkai dress !
dont know why xD
haha okey ary tuh aku pegi jj perda ;)
yeahh maann ;) msok 1 butik neyh nmpk dress neyh
chntek gyla ! -,- tapi ta beli pons xD
haha sbb ta bwak duet ouh then mahal -,-
haha hanya mampu tgk jea lah dress tuh melambai2 kan tgn kat aku .
sedey ! 
rasa2 dress tuh dah dibeli kod oleh sorang budak chines neyh :)
yes ! dy pkai mmg nmpk chomel ;)
nk thu dress tuh cm mne ? 
sini nk tunjok kan .
jeng jeng xD

yes ! dress tuh mcm ini *sedikit2 -,-
simple tapi cute kan kan ? :)
eeee aku suke !!!
haha aku suke dress yg simple tapi nmpk cute2 ouh :)
mcm ini sume :)
haaa ini lagi nmpk cute kan ! aww suke2 :)
:)) <3 <3
woaa ! suke ini suke ini ;) haha
done ! :) selesai smpai sini :)
byebye <3

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