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I'm nur aida . I'm a pretty but i'm not too arrogant I am different from the others. I did not choose, hater's is not my problem, it's a stupid person problems. please be yourself , to a people who a shallow minded can you go away. I'm not perfect in this world but I can only do what I can. I do not make friends with people who like to stab me from behind. That all about me. Thank you readers! ! ! (Y)

Hey ! budies thank for come ! follow my personal blog :)

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Thursday, June 2, 2011 | 8:21 AM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
hoola :) hahaha :D sumpah tgh happy gyle time ney ^^ korang tahu kan hri ney ayeez bertolak g pneng :D weee
esok kteowg dah nk jumpe ooo (: yey ! btw sory tau bie :( bby tak dpt nk teman kan b mlm ney sbb tadea kdit arghhhh sial ! --'' hmm take care tau syg ! iloveyou <3 besok kite jumpe kan ? yey yey ! mlm ney nk tido mmpi b lah :D haha t dlm bus b tido jea tau tau :) take care k syg :) iloveyou much <3

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