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I'm nur aida . I'm a pretty but i'm not too arrogant I am different from the others. I did not choose, hater's is not my problem, it's a stupid person problems. please be yourself , to a people who a shallow minded can you go away. I'm not perfect in this world but I can only do what I can. I do not make friends with people who like to stab me from behind. That all about me. Thank you readers! ! ! (Y)

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webbie with my abah
Friday, October 7, 2011 | 6:00 AM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
webbiee dengan hagemaru boo saya : >

 omo! ayeez comel :D haha 

our rantai :'> heeeee comel kan 

 hahah ayeez awak tiru saya :D comel nye abah <3

heee iloveyou handsome <3 be mine forever abah abah abah bahhhh ^^ HAHA

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